MRDR at the 2023 IMS Annual meeting

The International Myeloma Society (IMS) Annual Meeting was recently hosted in Athens from 27 to 30 September. The MRDR had the opportunity to present two posters for the MY-PROMPT-2 trial and the EpiMAP Myeloma disease modelling project.


More efficient delivery of high-cost standard of care therapies in relapsed multiple myeloma using real time feedback of patient reported outcome measures.
Elizabeth Moore, Claudia Rutherford, John Reynolds, P Joy Ho, Zoe McQuilten, Tracy King, Erica Wood, Simon Harrison, Adam Irving, Peter Mollee, Susanna Park, Cameron Wellard, Dennis Petrie, Georgia McCaughan, Tina van Tonder and Andrew Spencer on behalf of the MRDR investigators. 

Pictured: Dr Georgia McCaughan presenting on MY-PROMPT-2 trial poster. 


Modelling multiple myeloma using best clinical response to treatment to predict overall survival.
Adam Irving, Dennis Petrie, Laura Fanning, Anthony Harris, Erica Wood, Cameron Wellard, Elizabeth Moore, Neil Waters, Andrew Spencer, Zoe McQuilten. 

Pictured: Dr Tracy King presenting on EpiMAP Myeloma disease modelling project.