Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry (MRDR)

Thanks to MRDR participants and contributing sites who provided data for the latest MRDR publication! - 'Māori and Pacific Peoples with multiple myeloma in New Zealand are younger and have inferior survival compared to other ethnicities: A study from the ANZ MRDR'. Access the paper here:

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This clinical quality registry aims to improve myeloma outcomes by providing an evidence base for the best strategies to diagnose, treat and support people with myeloma and related diseases.


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Rare Disease Day, Monday 28 Feb!
24 Feb 2022

Thanks to those who contribute to improving care, and providing support for people living with myeloma & related diseases!

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MRFF grant for MY-PROMPT-2 trial!
11 Jan 2022

MY-PROMPT-2 project funded!

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5000 patients registered!!
15 Dec 2021

The MRDR reached 5000 registered participants!

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Join us at the Asia-Pacific MRDR Investigators’ meeting!
10 Dec 2021

All are welcome to the Asia-Pacific MRDR Investigators' meeting, Fri, 17 Dec, 4pm AEDT!

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