Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry (MRDR)

Helping clinicians and hospitals to provide the best possible care to people with multiple myeloma, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS), plasma cell leukaemia or plasmacytoma.

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This clinical quality registry aims to improve myeloma outcomes by providing an evidence base for the best strategies to diagnose, treat and support people with myeloma and related diseases.


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Latest news

Rare Disease Day, Tuesday 28 February!!
25 Feb 2023

The MRDR supports Rare Disease Day 2023 😊

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MRDR reaches 5800 patients!
21 Dec 2022

The MRDR has reached 5800 registered patients!

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New MRDR publication
17 Nov 2022

Paper on the second revision of the International Staging System (R2-ISS) accepted for publication!

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MRDR at 4th National Myeloma Workshop
17 Nov 2022

The MRDR was recently represented at the 4th National Myeloma Workshop.

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